From Puppy through Adulthood… Nuvet will
help Shield your pet from all the things on this list

* Allergies  * Hot Spots
* Skin and Coat Problems
* Scratching, Itching, Biting
* Seizures   * Vestibular Disease
* Arthritis - Joint Problems
* Stress / Anxiety
* Premature Aging / Low Energy
* Diabetes, Liver & Kidney Issue
* Cancer (many types)  * Tumors
* Cataracts * Tear Staining
* Cushings & Addisons Disease
* Digestive Problems
* Heart Disease
* Urinary Incontinence
* Ear Infections

Safe /Natural /Water Soluble (easy on the stomach)

Keeping your pet safe is an uphill battle. That’s why it is so important to strengthen your pet’s immune system every day with something we know works.
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24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year
1.People are surprised at how quickly and easily this works!
2.GUARANTEED to eliminate your pet’s ailment - or your money back!
3.And… Helps KEEP YOUR PET HEALTHY throughout its life by strengthening its immune system!
We not only reccomend this product but we stand behind it 100% & deo so for a good reason.
We have a sweet girl who is getting on in age and we noticed her eyes going bad. She was having trouble seeing as well as looking like she had cataracts. After numerous vet visits and a great deal of medication used to no avail including the possibility of surgery I decided to test the Nuvet on her.

It was an incredible test. I started sprinkling a small amount on her feed daily. 3 days after she started her eyes cleared and 5 days after she was seeing better  after 12 days on and she was like a spring chicken I decided to stop to see what happens.
3 days after I stopped her eyes started to again turn bad and after 7 days off she was back to square 1. I again started the Nuvet and again within 3 days she was doing better. I did not take her off again and she is doing wonderful. Her eyes look clear and great and she is strong and healthy and playful just as though she were a young girl instead of a 10 yr old.
So you see I not only stand behind it and post a link for it I use it and can tell you what it does for us.
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