Vet care is very important &  your new puppy needs to have access to a good vet much the same way you need to have a good DR.
Our puppies start off with good care and we make sure to send home a medical record from our vet so you will know exactly what needs to be done.

We also share information on pet insurance that helps pay for medical expenses for them.
Booneville Vet Med
front wall pictures
Multi-tasking is the name of the game !!
All puppies need 4 rounds of puppy shots as well as their rabbies vaccine.
They also need to be placed on a heart worm prevention and need to be protected from fleas & ticks.
It is
NOT safe to skip even one of these if you want to keep them healthy.
All pets need a good well balanced food to help them stay healthy and strong.
You can get your heart worm meds as well as flea and tick prevention right over the counter at the vets office
Your vet will know exactly what to do in any situation ,do not be afraid to ask questions. The exam room is not a scary place and the vet will NOT bite you :)
Dr. Jason & Marnie working hard on a patient
Dr. Clay assisting a patient in an exam room.
This is a basic exam room
Wet table and hall leading to surgery
At the vets office you will meet their staff on a regular basis and they help run the place and keep it clean making it easier for the Dr to take quality care of your pet.
So never doubt that they are an essential part of helping in your pets care & deserve the same respect.